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 Deck Discussion Rules

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PostSubject: Deck Discussion Rules   Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:42 am

Welcome to Deck Discussion Class where you'll get real help in
improving your decks but first you have to follow the following format

Please place the following infront of your deck post
[Adv] Advance format
[Trad] Traditional format
[Fix] Deck that needs fixing
[TuT] Tutorial

1-You have to say if the deck you're posting is for DMU..KCVDS..Real life

2-You have to classify the card into the following
-Monsters (Number of monsters)
-Spells (Number of Spells)
-Traps (Number of traps)
-Fusions If exists

3-Don't Copy someone else's deck from BC or any other forum

Don't post saying "Cool Deck" or "Bad Deck"..If you have fixes then
post it,if you don't then keep your words for yourself

5-Don't Make Random fixes. If you aren't sure what needs to be changed to make the deck better, it is best to say nothing.

flame members saying "Noob" because of posting abad deck..If you think
that you're better than them then show it by posting fixes and not by
insulting them

7-If your deck contains strategies or Combos of
hard type , Try to tell The Members , why not ?! then Others can
understand Your deck more ! and fix/rate better

8-If you didn't
like the fixes made..you aren't allowed to go harsh on the fixer. It's
expected from you to discuss the deck politely

9-You may not
attempt to fix decks unless you are in Obelisk dorm or higher (or if
you are a staff member). This is to prevent confusion in what is good
for the deck.

10-please use understandable language ex: Don't say MST but say Mystical Space Typhoon
that's it

Please follow the above rules


I am The Master of All Elites!!!!!
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Deck Discussion Rules
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