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 Monster Card Types: (Normal Monsters)

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PostSubject: Monster Card Types: (Normal Monsters)   Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:44 am

Topic: Monster Cards
Level: Begginers
Teacher: ChaosControl 94
Date: 2/14/2010

Hey Guys I'm here to expand upon Jaden's Lesson on Monster cards
In the Yu-gi-oh Trading card game there are 5 basic types of monster cards namely :
Normal Monsters
Effect Monsters
Ritual Monsters
Fusion Monsters and
Synchro Monsters

Now i'll explain fully about each type of card in a differnet lesson so you all can get the proper idea about them

Normal Monster Cards:

These are the most basic type of monsters in the game and are marked by their yellow colour
These monsters have no special abilities hence the term normal monsters.
Normal monsters need not meet any special requirements to be normal summoned or set
However a Duelist must remember that in order to summon a normal monster of a higher level he or she must offer the correct number of tributes

How to Summon a Normal Monster card :
A normal monster card can be summoned directly from a players hand to the field in face up attack or faced down defense position
A player must also keep in mind that he or she is only allowed one normal summon per turn (unless more are allowed via a card effect)
A normal moster with 4 stars or less can be normal summoned without a tribute
A normal monster with 5 or 6 stars each require the player to tribute one monster on his or her side of the field (regardless of position) to normal summoned or set
A normal monster with 7 stars or higher require the player to tribute 2 monsters on his or her side of the field (regardless of position) to be normal summoned or set.

So thats the basics of Normal monster cards
My next class will deal with effect monsters and their various types
Till next time
Class dismissed Razz
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Monster Card Types: (Normal Monsters)
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